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Pinkwell Primary School

Special Resource Provision

Pinkwell’s Specialist Resource Provision
The Resourced Provision at Pinkwell is fondly known as ‘SRP’. It is a specialist resource which supports children to reach their full potential. This specialist resource provision supports learners with specific Speech, Language and Communication difficulties. It is a nurturing environment which is designed to allow children to follow their own interests and to develop as competent and independent learners.
We pride ourselves on the positive relationships we have with the children and their parents/ carers. We believe that each child has a great deal to offer and so we plan from each child’s individuality, their efforts and their achievements. The SRP is a place where children can explore their own interests in a safe and enabling environment, designed to challenge and develop learning.
Each child in the provision will also have the opportunity to access mainstream learning. We believe that inclusion in mainstream is vital and that the support given by the adult allows each child to have the confidence to join in and learn with their peers, providing excellent opportunities to access other areas of the curriculum.

Our Curriculum


The children in the SRP range from 5 to 11 years of age. To meet their varying needs and abilities we have planned a bespoke curriculum for the children to achieve their true potential.
The curriculum is planned by carefully using objectives and outcomes from the year 1 and 2 national curriculum and linking them to the personal goals and needs of each child.
We carefully plan learning opportunities that will allow the children to gain knowledge of the world around them but that will also let them to develop independence, allow for social interaction and improve their speech, language and communication skills.

We endeavour to give the children as many real-life experiences as possible by planning trips and carrying out different activities e.g. cooking and using technology to film and share their work and ideas.

Our Environment
Our Children

Pinkwell Primary School