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Welcome to Kahlo!

Year 4: In school provision, story mapping the model text.
Year 4 are enjoying their learning about knighthoods. They were asked to make shields that represent their qualities. Some children have a great concept of what being a knight actually means. I thought I'd share these with you all.
Great work on looking at how much weight is needed to sink a boat. The children then changed their designs to see if it could carry more weight.
The children are enjoying deepening their understanding of the Buddist teachings, building on their prior knowledge from the Autumn term. Some fantastic Poems Year 4!
This shows how we are communicating our feelings and opinions under very different circumstances. Here is evidence of our daily P4C tasks. 

Drama Activity

In RE this half term, we have been looking at Buddhism and how Buddhists find happiness in the world around them. These pics were taken as part of a Drama activity where the students had to act out Right Speech - one of the Eightfold path practices. They were asked to make a scene where 1 person said something unkind to another then after that they needed to act out the same person acting in a kind way instead.

Take a look.

PBL Fashion Show
In Year 4 this half term we are looking at Clothes and how fashion can express someone's identity. For our launch, we decided to get the children to show off their own unique styles by dressing up in some clothing with some accessories that express their identity. Take a look at the wide range of fashion choices in Kahlo Class.
Welcome to Kahlo Class!
Kahlo class had the opportunity to take part in an orienteering experience. They had small scanners attached to their fingers to time how fast they could complete the course. The children had a great time learning new skills and techniques. 
For STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) week we have been focusing on electricity and how electricity works. We have looked at different circuits and the parts of circuits. This has been linked to our PBL topic of Entertainment as we have looked at lights and we will investigate how we need electricity for things like movies, social media, video games and much more. Stay tuned for more photos!
Project Based Learning Spring 1 Final Product
During Spring 1 term Year 4 were learning about the Explorers in 1400-1700 and what they did for England. We looked at three main ones: Sir Francis Drake (Kahlo Class), Sir Walter Raleigh (Picasso Class) and Sir John Hawkins (Monet Class). Our final product was a courtroom drama, deciding whether or not these three men deserted their knighthoods, given to them by Queen Elizabeth I. Parents came and were asked to listen to both sides of the arguments and decide for themselves whether or not they did.
Year 4 Project Based Learning - Age of Exploration Display
What does English look like in Kahlo Class?
Story mapping is a great way for children to understand the texts they are reading, by using images to help them remember important details.

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