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Pinkwell Primary School

Outdoor Games

By the end of KS1 students should be able to: Outdoor PE

(Running & Jumping/Co-ordination & Ball Skills/Striking & Fielding Progression via Multi Skills)

  • To work and behave safely
  • Work increasingly co-operatively with others
  • Show awareness of opponents and team-mates when playing games
  • Perform basic skills of rolling, striking and kicking with more confidence
  • Apply these skills in a variety of simple games 
  • Make choices about appropriate targets, space and equipment                 
  • Use a variety of simple tactics 
  • Describe how their bodies work and feel when playing games 
  • Work well with a partner and in a small group to improve their skills
  • Make early decisions about the skills and tactics to use when playing games
  • Practice to improve their skills, knowing what they need to achieve


By the end of KS2 students should be able to: Outdoor PE

Invasion Games

  • Use different techniques for passing, controlling, dribbling and shooting the ball in games
  • Apply basic principles of team play to keep possession of the ball 
  • Use marking, tackling and/or interception to improve their defence
  • Play effectively as part of a team 
  • Know what position they are playing in and how to contribute when attacking and defending 
  • Plan practices and warm ups to get ready for playing safely
  • Recognise their own and others’ strengths and weaknesses in games
  • Suggest ideas that will improve performance


Net & Wall Games

  • Use forehand, backhand and overhead shots increasingly well in the games they play 
  • Use the volley in games where it is important
  • Use the skills they prefer with competence and consistency 
  • Understand the need for tactics 
  • Start to choose and use some tactics effectively
  • Play cooperatively with a partner
  • Apply rules consistently and fairly 
  • Identify appropriate exercises and activities for warming up 
  • Recognise how these games make their bodies work
  • Pick out what they and others do well and suggest ideas for practices 

Striking & Fielding Games

  • Strike a bowled ball 
  • Use a range of fielding skills, eg catching, throwing, bowling, intercepting, with growing control and consistency 
  • Work collaboratively in pairs, group activities and small-sided games
  • Use and apply the basic rules consistently and fairly
  • Understand and implement a range of tactics in games; recognise the activities and exercises that need including in a warm up 
  • Identify their own strengths and suggest practices to help them improve

Sportsmanship Checklist

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