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Pinkwell Primary School


Welcome to Einstein!

Year 3 Launch Letter

We have been working hard in our English over the last 2 terms have been practising our class model text.


The children have learning the story using story maps so that they can recreate the story with their own characters and setting.

In our Project-Based Learning, we have been learning about the Romans this term.


One of our lessons focused on making iron age round houses.

In Maths, we have been having fun learning our 4 and 8 times tables.
To help the children, we have been using concrete resources to understand what 4x something means.

Maths Learning


In Maths we have been using lots of concrete resources to help the children with their Maths. This has been an important part of our learning both in school and as part of learning at home.

Project-Based Learning


As part as our 'Food and Feasts of the World' theme, we created our own feast during a party as part of our end product.

Here are some photos of the Year 3 immersive environment from Autumn 1 for our Food and Feasts PBL topic

Pinkwell Primary School