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Pinkwell Primary School


Welcome to Austen!

June 2021

Austen class has a very exciting launch day for our new PBL theme ' Polar Regions- endangered habitats, endangered animals'. We enjoyed a sensory experience in our immersive environment area and carried out a science investigation on how to stop the ice from melting! We are looking forward to investigating our big question this term 'How can we make a positive difference to our Earth?'

Austen class has been investigating and exploring 'Children's rights- Send my friend to school' during our PBL project this half term. We found out that Article 28 of the UNCRC states that all children have the right to an education. However, we then discovered that not all children around the world are able to access this right for many different reasons. We decided we needed to do something so we started our 'Send my friend to school' campaign. We created badges sharing our message and sold this across the school. We will send the money raised to the 'toybox' charity who help get children off the streets and back into school and homes.

Austen class has been taking part in 'Bring and Share a book day' each week to share our love of reading. The children bring in some of their favourite texts from home and share this with their friends, showcasing their incredible reading skills whilst having the opportunity to read their favourite stories aloud to their friends!

Austen class has been working really hard on fractions during maths lessons recently. We have been learning to identify fractions, create fractions using concrete resources and read fractions. We have been representing fractions of a number using pictorial representations; here are some of our investigations using bar models!

May 2021

Austen class has been learning about letter writing as our non fiction genre in English lessons this term.  We learnt about the features of  a letter and were able to apply these to our hot task writing assessments when we wrote our own letters linked to our PBL theme. We decided we would like to experience posting a letter so we sent our written letters home to our parents. Austen class went on a class trip to a post box once our letters were ready. We put them in an envelope, wrote our home address and attached a stamp. 

Year 2 Easter Egg Competition

Austen class are celebrating World Down Syndrome day by wearing our 'funky socks' and learning all about the differences between us. 
We have been reading 'Barry the fish with fingers' to help us understand what it means to be unique and how this is something we should all be proud of :) We also created some wonderful posters using the brightest, boldest colours to create a sock train all around school! 

Year 2 End Product: What makes a thriving biome?

Project Based Learning Public Product

Yellow Day

Austen class are busy celebrating 'Yellow Day' today. 
The children have taken part in lots of activities to keep our minds healthy and happy. 
We have enjoyed a circle time discussion about what makes us happy, completing a jog around the playground, joining in with a dance and singing songs that make us feel happy. We have also completed a meditation session and created our own 'happy mind' posters; sharing all the things we can do to keep our minds healthy and happy. 
Happy yellow day to you! 

The children were really excited to see an Imam in our school, as they were able to share their own experience and opinions.
This was a valuable experience for the children as it really brought their learning to life.


The children asked really interesting, thoughtful questions that were answered very carefully and clearly. It brought alive the learning and children understood it was a great opportunity this was demonstrated by the questions they asked. 


It was a great experience for our children. They responded with such awe and wonder. They were so enthusiastic to share their knowledge and their own experiences. They were able to show respect and ask really interesting questions. 

Pinkwell Primary School