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Welcome to Austen!

I really enjoyed having the Buddhist Monk come into school on Friday 31st Jan. He was really informative, well prepared with his presentation and shared a lot of knowledge with the children. His presentation was very informative, however a little bit long as the children were getting restless. The children were really captivated by him and his lifestyle/religion and how it is very different to many of their own. The children all had really inquisitive questions and were fully engaged with everything he was saying.
All in all, I thought it was a really worthwhile experience that all the children and adults really benefited from and enjoyed.
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The children were really excited to see an Imam in our school, as they were able to share their own experience and opinions.
This was a valuable experience for the children as it really brought their learning to life.


The children asked really interesting, thoughtful questions that were answered very carefully and clearly. It brought alive the learning and children understood it was a great opportunity this was demonstrated by the questions they asked. 


It was a great experience for our children. They responded with such awe and wonder. They were so enthusiastic to share their knowledge and their own experiences. They were able to show respect and ask really interesting questions. 

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