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Pinkwell Primary School

Art and Design

Subject Leader: Janine Johnson         
Curriculum Team: The Arts
Subject: Art

The Pinkwell WHY for Art (The Intent - Vision) 
To inspire, motivate and equip pupils to experiment, invent and create, expressing themselves and understanding the development and role of art and design globally.


The Pinkwell WHAT for Art (The Intent - BIG IDEAS)

  • To become proficient in drawing, painting, sculpture and other art, craft and design techniques using a wide range of media.
  • To develop confident use of colour, tone, pattern, texture, shape and form when creating artwork.
  • To evaluate and analyse creative works using the language of art, craft and design.
  • To apply specific artistic styles or combinations of styles to their artwork.
  • To know about great artists and designers and how they both reflected and impacted the society from which they came.
  • To have first hand rich art and design experiences, visiting galleries and museums and working with professionals.


The Pinkwell HOW for Art (The Implementation)
Art is integrated within our school enquiry based curriculum through our Project Based Learning cycle and children at Pinkwell are given the opportunity to investigate various forms of art and artistic pieces. This enables children to develop their artistic ability and skills through the use of different media during our enquiry and investigation stage of the PBL cycle. The children will investigate key pieces of art from famous artists (linked to their research themes each term)  learning about the style, media, representation and skills needed to produce such a piece. The children are encouraged to use the ‘language of art’  when learning about each piece, demonstrating their understanding of the artistic perspective and how they can adapt this to create their own innovative pieces of art.  The children then showcase their learning in Art lessons when creating a final project as part of their public product at the end of their PBL cycle.  


The Pinkwell SO WHAT for Art (The Impact)  
Pinkwell children enjoy a rich and varied Art curriculum and engage positively with the enquiry nature implemented throughout our Project Based Learning. They are able to discuss and reflect on the Art work they are investigating, sharing their thoughts and ideas and using appropriate vocabulary and language linked to art. 
Children learn that there are no mistakes in Art and each piece is progressive and can be improved/ adapted as their unique project unfolds. One child reported ‘I feel comfortable when I draw and I feel confident I can do it again’. Another child commented ‘You get to express your feelings’ when asked what they enjoy about Art. 
Teaching Art through a PBL approach allows the children to make links in their learning and provides a context for each piece of Art. When reflecting on their Art lessons, children specifically linked these to their Art themes which had clearly created a memorable learning experience for them. One child shared ‘We learnt about volcanoes and then made 3D papier-mâché volcanoes’ another added ‘When I was doing the holocaust I tried to colour all the white spaces.
Pinkwell children are proud of the art work they produce and are overjoyed to share this with others during our public products. Pupils’ summarised ‘When we did the exhibition I made a picture and tried my hardest’ and ‘At the end of our project was proud of my sketches.’ 

Pinkwell Primary School