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School Logo

Pinkwell Primary School

School Values

Our Vision

and Values:

We are a forward thinking and innovative school that embraces and acknowledges education as a right and a privilege


We are an emotionally intelligent school where everyone is inspired by relationships, global connections and opportunities


We are motivated to think, question and respond through developing positive habits of mind  


We have high expectations and strive to ensure everyone is supported and challenged to achieve success


We aim to create an environment where everyone feels safe and happy and is actively involved in all areas of learning


We value everyone as individuals and encourage them to respect one another, helping them to form and maintain positive and meaningful relationships

Our school values are also promoted through our curriculum drivers (See curriculum section for further details)

The Elliot Foundation School Values


Put children first 

  • We trust and value your professionalism 
  • We share the responsibility for the learning and welfare of all of our children
  • Our purpose is to improve the lives of children


Be safe

  • Don’t assume that someone else will do it
  • Look after yourself, your colleagues and all children
  • We are all responsible for each other’s safety and well being
  • Discuss any concerns with an appropriate member of staff 


Be kind and respect all

  • People are allowed to be different, as are you
  • Kindness creates the positive environment we all need to flourish
  • Kindness and respect should extend to ourselves as well as others


Be open

  • If you can see a better way, suggest it  
  • If someone else suggests a better way to you, consider it 
  • Nurture innovators and support those who take informed risks in the interests of children



  • We all make mistakes
  • Admit them, learn from them, and move on


Make a difference 

  • Making the world a better place starts with you
  • Model the behaviour you would like to see from others

Pinkwell Primary School