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Pinkwell Primary School


Pinkwell Curriculum

A Brave, Bold, Bespoke 21st Century Curriculum for 21st Century Global Citizens

The Pinkwell curriculum is exciting, innovative, vibrant and uniquely created for our very unique pupils and the community we serve. We are proud of the curriculum we offer our pupils and the firm foundations for a successful, healthy, actively engaged and fulfilled life that this gives them. Our curriculum is underpinned by four aspirations, these are our four ‘curriculum drivers’. We teach all our pupils to be: adventurers and explorers of their world; creative and critical thinkers; independent and interdependent learners and effective communicators. No matters whether a Pinkwell pupil is in Nursery, Year 3 or Year 6, this is what our curriculum enables them to be.


Our curriculum is enquiry led with the pupils, their community and our global community at the heart of this enquiry. Our globally immersive curriculum uses a Project Based Learning approach. This is integrated with the teaching of reading and writing. Maths, phonics and PE are taught as discrete subjects.


Pinkwell’s curriculum is responsive to local and world events and each individual group of pupils. As such, Pinkwell’s curriculum is a living, breathing, growing curriculum but one which is grounded in carefully sequenced knowledge and skills and the fostering of cultural capital.


Visit us at Pinkwell and meet our passionate, knowledge and articulate pupils to see a curriculum that inspires all, motivates all and enables success for all.

What do the Pinkwell community say about our curriculum?

What are the Pinkwell curriculum drivers and what do they mean?

What are we aiming for; what do we want all our children to be and have?

At Pinkwell we have a globally immersive curriculum. What does that mean to us?

If you were a Pinkwell pupil in Years 1-6, what would your curriculum diet look like?

What is a PBL enquiry journey and what are the stops along the way?

The staff at Pinkwell Primary School are committed to planning and delivering an exciting, engaging, purposeful curriculum. which meets the needs of individual children and promotes a love of learning, which will endure for life.


The curriculum is designed to support children to make links in their learning; identifying how to process and present scientific evidence through statistics in maths, for example, or using the skills of diary writing learned in English in the morning to record historical facts in the afternoon lesson.

In order to support these links in learning the design of the curriculum is broadly built around topics. Additional work in English, Maths and ICT may also be planned.  Topics generally last for half a term. Information about class topics is available from the curriculum information leaflets.

Learning in the classroom is enriched through the careful selection of related educational visits, visitors and special events.  This year year 4 have swimming lessons on a Wednesday.  We greatly appreciate parental support for educational visits, with practical work in the classroom and for reading activities.  


We also appreciate parental involvement in homework activities. Parental support to ensure that homework tasks are completed and return to school by the due date is invaluable.  If there is a particular reason why your child has been unable to complete their homework, please let the class teacher know.

Pinkwell Primary School KS2 Results 2018-19


  • Average ‘scaled scores’ in Reading and Maths - 101
  • Percentage of pupils who achieved the expected standard or above in Reading, Writing and Maths - 46%
    • Reading - 60%
    • Writing - 65%
    • Maths - 64%
  • Percentage of pupils who achieved a high level of attainment in Reading, Writing and     Maths - 2%  
    • Reading - 13%
    • Writing - 4%
    • Maths - 15%

Pinkwell Primary School