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Pinkwell Primary School


Welcome to the Pinkwell Primary School Website!

I am delighted to introduce you to Pinkwell Primary School.  Pinkwell is a special place where staff are committed to providing the best education and life experiences for all children.  


As a school we have four core values which underpin all of the work that we do here.  Respect is one of our values because we treat each other with kindness and dignity at this school.  Resilience means that our children are taught that it is good to make mistakes, we never give up and overcome adversity.  Collaboration is important to our school community, we work together as a team and learn from each other.  Finally, we have empathy as one of our values because our children and staff care for each other and understand what it is like to walk in someone else's shoes.  These values are a crucial part of our children's personal development journey through Pinkwell, we believe strongly that school is a place where children should learn knowledge and skills but also to grow into the young adults they want to be.


I would encourage any prospective parents to come and visit our school and see the amazing work that we do here.  The school goes out of its way to nurture the children that arrive here, and ensure that any barriers children may face are overcome.  We passionately believe that every child is deserving of an education no matter their starting point or how they arrived at Pinkwell.  We have a vibrant community from many different nationalities and we celebrate this diversity.  


I look forward to welcoming you to Pinkwell.  


Laurie O'Brien


Due to the current COVID-19 regulations for schools and for the safety of everyone in our school community, visits to the school are not currently taking place. Please visit our school virtually by clicking here.

Pinkwell Primary School