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Pinkwell Primary School


Welcome to Monet!

Year 4 Fashion Show
This half term in PBL Year 4 are looking at clothes and how fashion can express someone's identity and individuality. For our launch we asked the children to bring in clothes that express their own identity and show it off to the rest of year 4. Take a look at some of the wonderful fashion the children in Monet class decided to wear to express their identity.
Project Based Learning Spring 1 Final Product
During Spring 1 term Year 4 were learning about the Explorers in 1400-1700 and what they did for England. We looked at three main ones: Sir Francis Drake (Kahlo Class), Sir Walter Raleigh (Picasso Class) and Sir John Hawkins (Monet Class). Our final product was a courtroom drama, deciding whether or not these three men deserted their knighthoods, given to them by Queen Elizabeth I. Parents came and were asked to listen to both sides of the arguments and decide for themselves whether or not they did.
Story Mapping: Listen to your child read an extract of our focus text with pictures. Listen to their use and memorisation of descriptive language. The two can be merged as one!
The Explorer Role Play: share with your child the role they are playing in this picture. Learn about our use of descriptive language.  
Year 4 Project Based Learning - Age of Exploration Display

Pinkwell Primary School