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Keeping safe online

We obviously want to be as safe and secure as we can at home - both physically and on "the 'Net".  The information below will hopefully help you understand more about keeping safe online!

If  you have any questions please feel free to contact the school and make an appointment to speak with Mr Reynolds our computing teacher.  He'll try to answer any of your questions.




This is an example of our Acceptable Use Policy for children here at school.

We have decided on sensible rules and communicated them to children.  By signing - they agree to conform to these rules.  Break a rule?  Well it's clearly laid out in the policy.  

Maybe draw up your own policy at home.  Remember to include REWARDS as well as those pesky sanctions!



The below links will help you learn more how to FILTER content coming into your child's devise and if you wish - how to monitor their activities.




However careful we are in life there are always risks. Sometimes software can get into our computers that can harm them, slow them down or even control them.

Anti-virus is a type of software that runs on your computer that keeps an eye out for these harmful programs.

They act rather like "night club bouncers".  They see potential trouble and stop it coming into your computer's ecosystem.  Like bouncers, they can also spot trouble if it does get in, and delete the harmful program.

AVG is a FREE anti-virus software that will help spot viruses.   IT NEEDS TO BE KEPT UP TO DATE as there are hundreds of new viruses being written every day.  Click on the link to the right to go to AVG's download page.  If you are happy with your current anti-virus obviously keep that one installed.


AVAST is another free anti virus software.


Spyware and Trojans are another kind of virus. These are programs that sneak into your computer and will..............spy on your activities.  There are many types.  Some will be able to copy all of your documents to someone else's computer.  Some will force your computer to other websites.  

Some will even log every key press.  Imagine typing  What would you type next?  Your username.  What comes next?  Your password.  Put those three variables together and it could be possible to hack into your bank account.

The two programs linked to the right are popular anti-spyware products. If you wish, click on a link and install ONE OF THEM.  Having many of these products installed at the same time could lead to conflicts.