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Meet the Pinkwell Team

Senior Leadership Team



Rachel Jacob Principal


Laura Stone Vice Principal - Upper Phase


Majella Delaney Inclusion Vice Principal


Janine Tyndale-Ford

Vice Principal - Lower Phase &

Designated Safeguarding Lead


Lara Ginn Vice Principal - Curriculum
Andrew Connell Director of Mathematics



Administration Team



Lisa Gannon Operations Manager


Lindsay Thomas Bursar


Sophia Salhotra Finance Assistant


Norah Nash Clerical Assistant


VACANT Receptionist


Sheila Allin Reprographics


Lewis Clark Senior Administrator/Admissions Officer


Maxine Elam Welfare Officer


Hayley O'Leary Welfare Officer


Nahbila Sher Part Time School Business Manager


Inclusion Team



Majella Delaney SENCO/Vice Principal for Inclusion


Michelle Florey Inclusion Assistant 


Michelle Harding EAL Leader


Lily Claridge Leading Teacher SEN


Annette Fulker Safeguarding


Veronical Noel Safeguarding


Nicola Davidson Family Support Worker/Attendance Officer


Lesley Mayo Behaviour Mentor


Wendy Coxhill  SRP Teaching Assistant


Joanne Brown EAL Teaching Assistant


Samina Shah EAL Teaching Assistant


Fozia Qamar EAL Teaching Assistant


Jeanette Sharma  


Alina Palmer Speech & Language Therapist





Rebecca Sheehan Nursery Teacher


Faye Williams Nursery Teacher


Valentina Deidda Reception Teacher/Year Leader


Tara Puni Reception Teacher


Sara Presepi Reception Teacher


Ellie Memory Reception Teacher


Alice Francis Year Leader/Year 1 Teacher


Sagheer Chaudhry Year 1 Teacher


Toni Bennett Year 1 Teacher


Anjali Hirani Year Leader/Year 2 Teacher


Suky Kaur Year 2 Teacher


Monica Sibisteanu Year 2 Teacher


Davina Bashille Year 2 Teacher


Catherine Pride Year 2 Teacher/English Lead


Aisha Tomlinson Year Leader/Year 3 Teacher


Nicole Abrey Year 3 Teacher
Jade Biggs Year 3 Teacher


Sally Stone Year Leader/Year 4 Teacher


Michelle Kelley Year 4 Teacher/English Lead


Diana Adebayo-Owoaje Year 4 Teacher


Angela Moore Year 5 Teacher


Michelle Harding Year 5 Teacher


Mashaal Bilal Year 5 Teacher


Sarah Abrams Year 5 Teacher


Zainab Hassanali Year 5 Teacher


Michael Hogan Year Leader/Year 6 Teacher


VACANT Year 6 Teacher


Shaakira Muhammad Year 6 Teacher


Lily Claridge Year 6 Teacher


Specialist Teachers



Glenn Baker Specialist Teacher - PE


Brett Reynolds Specialist Teacher - Computing


Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAs)



Michelle Harris HLTA for EYFS


Emma Newland HLTA for Year 1


Nicky Burnell HLTA for Year 2


Sridevi Vankadari HLTA for Year 3


Sonal Surana HLTA for Year 4


Karen Adams HLTA for Year 5


Shelly Williams HLTA for Year 6


Teaching Assistants (TAs)



Carolyn Green Teaching Assistant (TA) Nursery


Charlotte Eaton Teaching Assistant (TA) Nursery


Zoe Cannon Teaching Assistant (TA) Reception


Carol Sawney Teaching Assistant (TA) Reception


Jane Tompkins Teaching Assistant (TA) Reception


Cara Creagh-Percy Teaching Assistant (TA) Reception


Erum Wasseem Teaching Assistant (TA) Reception


Perpetua Alarakia Teaching Assistant (TA) Year 1


Jaspal Chonk Teaching Assistant (TA) Year 1


Albana Stojku Teaching Assistant (TA) Year 1


Reeta Sidhu Teaching Assistant (TA) Year 1


Hassiba Al-Shukairi Teaching Assistant (TA) Year 2


Angela Davis Teaching Assistant (TA) Year 2


Iram Khalid Teaching Assistant (TA) Year 2


Taryn Cobb Teaching Assistant (TA) Year 2


Elaine Sheehan Teaching Assistant (TA) Year 2


Samina Shah Teaching Assistant (TA) Year 3


Kalsoom Khalid Teaching Assistant (TA) Year 3


Meena Khera Teaching Assistant (TA) Year 3


Sharon Cousins Teaching Assistant (TA) Year 4


Raveeda Malik Teaching Assistant (TA) Year 4


Ajmeet Kaur Teaching Assistant (TA) Year 4


Madhvi Parekh Teaching Assistant (TA) Year 5


Shamindri Fernando Teaching Assistant (TA) Year 5


Fozia Qamar Teaching Assistant (TA) Year 5


Wendy Coxhill Teaching Assistant (TA) Year 5


Diane Cook Teaching Assistant (TA) Year 6


Avi Kaur Teaching Assistant (TA) Year 6


Joanne Brown Teaching Assistant (TA) Year 6


Arsala Chaudhry Teaching Assistant (TA) Year 6


Sam Fowler Teaching Assistant (TA) Year 6


Tracey-Ann Campbell-Daley Teaching Assistant (TA)


Alexandra Miah Teaching Assistant (TA)


Nassra Khan Teaching Assistant (TA)


Site Team



Ashley Webster Facilities Manager


Wendy Blackwood Midday Cleaner


Junaid Khan Site Assistant


Jack Williams Site Assistant


School Meals Supervisory Assistants (SMSAs)



Magdalena Kania SMSA


Nora Keniksi SMSA


Usha Bassi SMSA


Davinder Bhaat SMSA


Shahina Khan SMSA