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Pinkwell School is an ICT rich learning community.  

Technology supports and enhances the enjoyment of learning and the Pinkwell 5 ‘Ps’

We inspire and prepare children to succeed and reach their potential in our increasingly technological world.


Old School ICT.  
It's all around us.  We all use it everyday.  Some more than others, but it's integral to how many of us live and lead our lives.

At Pinkwell we have a VAST array of resources available to develop our skills.  Along with our two computer suites and laptop AND tablet trolleys, we use hardware such as cameras, microphones and microscopes to help support and enhance the enjoyment of learning for all.

We have developed a broad and balanced curriculum for teaching computing - using the new curriculum as a guideline to ensure this balance.  

IT and Digital Literacy is embedded throughout the curriculum as a whole, and Online Safety takes a prominent role throughout the school using discrete teaching in computing lessons as well as a PSHE focus.  Computer Science has been taught for many a year but there is a clearer focus now in Key Stage 1.


Talking about "many a year".  Take a look how the computer game Elite has developed over time....

How are WE going to refine and develop games over the next 30 years?



The below document briefly outlines what each year group cover over the year.


With the recent dissolution of levels we have made age appropriate expectations for our children.  Obviously individual children will be working at their own "level" but it's good to have these as a guide.


CAS (Computing At School) have released an invaluable document HERE.

Below is an example of the level of work they expect children to be working towards.

Additional Information

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Work Software (this is software that we use at Pinkwell)